Hiring – Security Protective Specialists

Deadline for application is January 20, 2011.

Link for application here.

Major Duties:

  • In the absence of supervisory level Security Protective Specialists or Special Agents, may serve as Detail Leader for contractor staffed protective security details;
  • provides physical protection for Department officials and employees at overseas locations, primarily at high threat posts;
  • drives the lead vehicle, a principal’s vehicle or follow-vehicle as required in motorcade or similar operations;
  • provides body protection as part of protective formations during principal’s walking movements;
  • provides static coverage at principal’s residence, in a Command Post or other location as required;
  • reviews and assesses information relevant to the assigned protective operation to anticipate problems or incidents;
  • responds to emergency situations in accordance with established Bureau of Diplomatic Security protective security policies, standards, and procedures;
  • serves as a member of advance teams that plan and coordinate protective operations;
  • conducts site surveys to assess factors affecting the protective environment of sites to be visited;
  • carries and operates weapons and other specialized equipment required in the conduct of protective operations;
  • maintains requisite level of skills in firearms and other protective equipment and trains other SPS personnel in these skills.

2 Responses to Hiring – Security Protective Specialists

  1. Michael says:

    Unfortunately I found this shortly after closing date

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