Hiring Mandarin and Portugese Speakers!

Great news!  The State Department is hiring U.S. citizens who speak Mandarin and Portugese to be full-fledged Consular Officers!

The link to apply is here.

(Update: Again in typical State Department style, when you click “Apply Now” you’ll be taken to the USAJOBS.gov search page and not the actual job announcement. And no search term seems to bring up the actual job announcement.  Stay tuned for when this job actually gets posted on USAJobs.)

In typical State Department fashion, they’ve done a dreadful job of making this easy to find so I hope this post goes out to as many people as possible.

Program details in summary:

  • This is a pilot program. I believe this is the first time the Department is ever doing this. Kudos to them for thinking outside the box!
  • The Department is looking to hire about 20 people through this program to start working in 2012 in China or Brazil.
  • Not intended as a “back door” into the Foreign Service, but BOY, what a great experience to put on your resume for when you DO apply through the FSOT and FSOA!
  • A job would be on a limited time basis, 13 months to begin, with a possible contract renewal for up to five years, depending on your performance and the needs of the Service.
  • To apply, submit an online application and supporting documentation including a supplementary questionnaire, narrative biography, and college transcripts
  • You have to have a (2/1) in Mandarin or (3/3) in Portuguese. If you don’t know your language skill level, the Department will likely test you to find out.

This is a RARE opportunity, I’ve never seen anything like this.  I highly encourage anyone who speaks Mandarin and Portugese to APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!!!


2 Responses to Hiring Mandarin and Portugese Speakers!

  1. Brandon says:

    Cool! Thanks for the info! I passed the FSOT and the FSI’s Mandarin Chinese telephone test last fall, but didn’t get pass the Personal Narrative. I guess this could a kind of second chance. Well, I guess it’s worth a shot. Do you think having passed the FSOT and the Chinese test will have any positive impact on my application? Do you have any idea when in 2012 they’ll want you to start?

    • Brandon, congrats on passing the FSOT! Unlucky on the Personal Narrative but definitely keep trying! It’s hard to say how the review committee will select candidates but having passed the FSOT will make you stand out from other applicants who have not passed it. The results of your Chinese test will certify whether or not you’re qualified to apply, and if it’s high enough compared to other applicants, the score could also set you apart as a more qualified candidate. It’s all going to depend on what the applicant pool looks like. Good luck on this and let us know how you do!

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