FSOT June 2011 Results?

“I failed the FSOT!”

OK, so some of you passed and some of you did not pass.  I did not say “fail”, I prefer “lesson learned”.

Congrats to those of you that passed.  Now on to your personal narratives and prepping for the FSOA.

For those of you who didn’t pass, no worries.  You can take it again without penalty and there are plenty of other opportunities to get into the State Department to enjoy the SAME financial benefits as FSO Generalists.

This is a post to all who didn’t pass:  it’s not a big deal, don’t get discouraged, what seems like a small (or big) failure now is only a small bump in the process of learning about getting into State.

A personal friend of mine just passed the FSOT on her third time around, we’re ecstatic for her.  But note that she is currently an OMS and already in the State Department which could not have hurt her chances at passing the FSOT.

So again, I make a pitch for taking the Foreign Service Specialist (FSS) route.  It beats preparing for the FSOT test alone; as an FSS you get real life experience in the State Department AND you get paid while you’re at it.

Or would you rather study just for the FSOT for free and not get any relevant experience in the meantime?

Personally, I would take the FSS route while preparing for the FSOT.  But that’s just me.


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